REC Networks: Low Power FM: Generation 3 Filing Window
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We are currently at capacity for private sector potential LPFM applicants. In the event of a government shutdown, we may reopen for a short period of time for well-prepared applicants. Please keep a watch on the REC Facebook Page and on the REC Networks Home Page for updates.

We are still evaluating requests from public sector agencies such as city, county, state and tribal governments. Please see information below.

Low Power FM (LPFM) stations are designed to allow community organizations, human rights organizations, service organizations, churches, ministries, schools, colleges, government public safety agencies and tribal entities to have their own voice on the radio with a low powered FM radio services with an effective service range of just over 3 miles. These stations must be licensed. The last opportunity for new LPFM stations was in 2013.

The LPFM Filing Window will be held between November 1 through November 8, 2023

REC is collecting information from organizations that are seriously interested in being a part of the third generation of LPFM broadcasters.

Michelle Bradley, CBT of REC Networks is the national regulatory advocate for the LPFM service and has experience with the service that dates back to before the service's creation in 2000.

REC will be offering consulting and filing for qualified nonprofit organizations that are seeking to apply for a new station in the next window. When selecting someone to work with you on starting a new station, you want someone who has experience and specializes in LPFM. It is important to remember that not every consultant or engineer out there specializes in LPFM. It is always best to go with those who are in the know.

While some may promise you "your own radio station!" and that's all, we give the facts of the reality of constructing and operating a good viable LPFM station that will be a service to your local community.

While you can just zoom right ahead to the availability check and show of interest form, we urge you to read carefully through the other introductory pages, where we give a more transparent reality of LPFM station operation including information on qualifications, licensee responsibilities, things to consider and most importantly, the costs. We know that the thought of starting a new station for your organization is very exciting, but we want to make sure that you get as many facts as possible and that you make an informed choice.

Thank you for considering REC.

Let us now begin: