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LPFM Location Check

The REC LPFM Location Check will test a specific location to determine if a proposed LPFM station would meet the minimum distance separation requirements as required under the FCC Rules. It will also advise of the possibility that one or more channels may receive interference from other stations. For channels that do not meet the FCC requirements for second-adjacent channel protections, it will estimate whether a waiver of the rules may be possible.


LPFM stations are available in all areas within the FCC's jurisdiction including territories. Please select the area where the LPFM station is proposed:


Enter the location using only one of the four options shown below:

    1. Check by address or community

    If you know where you would like to place an LPFM station, you can enter the street address. If you are unsure exactly where you want to place the station yet but you want to check general availability, you can just enter the community name here.

    2. Antenna Structure Registration Number

    If you know exactly which tower you want to propose the station at and that tower has an FCC assigned Antenna Structure Registration Number (or ASRN), enter that here:

    3. Check by geographic coordinates (DMS format)

    If you have the precise location of where you want to check for LPFM availability, please enter the geographic coordinates (NAD83) for both the latitude and the longitude. (Do not enter the minus sign)

    - ' "

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    4. Check by geographic coordinates (decimal format)

    Alternatively, if you do not know the degrees, minutes and seconds, but you do know the coordinates in the decimal format (such as from a GPS unit), you can enter the coordinates here: (include the minus sign where appropriate.)



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NOTE: FM spectrum is fluid. This search reflects availability based on information on other stations as of the close of business on the previous business day. This information can change any time between now and the filing window.